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Students from multiple disciplines at Blackhawk High School found solutions for unique challenges facing the nuclear industry. These included:


  • Vignettes of social perspectives and reactions of a Nuclear Power Station being built in your backyard in their Creative Writing Course with Mr. Moser.

  • Designing promotional nuclear power posters in their Graphic Design Course with Ms. Biega.

  • A 3D printed power station and team building exercise through turbine design in their TSA Course with Mr. Moll.

  • Analyzing the costs of building and operating various power stations in an Algebra Course with Ms. Bender.

  • Examining how to reach acceptable environmental release limits of radioactive nuclides chromium and krypton in their AP Environmental Science Course with Mr. Puskas.


The overall goal is applying their coursework to solve real-world problems and building on creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking skills.


Please click the images below for information from the next generation of nuclear energy

PLEASE CLICK the images and icons below to learn REAL SOLUTIONS to real problems in nuclear energy.

Kathryn and Tristan
Raina and Aubrey shot
Megan and Marissa shot
Jodi Zang shot
Jacob Shot
Chris and CJ shot
Austin and Brandt shot

The Images below used the WPA movement to promote National Parks in the 1930's as motivation to promote First Energy and nuclear power.

More Student Solutions 


Please click the images and icons below to see more solutions from our student experts. These include vignettes of social perspectives to a nuclear power station in their neighborhood (some were meant to be comical) and a cost analysis of building and operating various power plants.

Click the icons below to view written vignetts of social perspectives to nuclear power. 

What we do

Nuclear Day Blackhawk High School

Site Tour Beaver Valley Power Station

Presentations: Problems Solved Beaver Valley Power Station

Why we do it

Connecting Schools to the World

We are a group of educators dedicated to connecting local schools to local industries. Through this partnership students are exposed to real problems facing real companies. Students will exercise their critical thinking skills to callaborate with professionals in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Art (STEAM) fields to find solutions.

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